Our approach to Covid-19. Because we care!

Dear Guests,

In order to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus, our concierge will be taking a “socially distanced” approach of facilitating your stay. He will typically conduct welcome meetings by distance or, if you prefer, via video or voice call. Also he will, as always, be available to be contacted by Whatsapp or Viber, email, text or phone, to assist you throughout your stay.

The hours  for check in or out will be strictly observed in order to allow enough time for cleaning and disinfection, so the houses are prepared adequately for the next guests.

Our enhanced cleaning protocols, include:

  • Extra attention on cleaning “high touch” areas in the accommodation, including light switches, remote controls, hairdryers, safes, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, utensils and appliances. 
  • Laundering all bedding and towels in cycles where temperatures are maintained for at least 60° for not less than 10 minutes
  • Our cleaners are wearing disposable gloves, disposable shoe protectors and masks when preparing the houses for your stay.
  • All villa’s Welcome packs will include hand sanitizer.